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18 July, 2023

Revitalizing the Classroom: Engaging Back-to-School Math Activities


Embrace the excitement of a new school year by adding a dynamic twist to your math lessons. As we welcome our students back to the classroom, it’s essential to greet them with engaging, enjoyable, and practical activities. Let’s delve into some back-to-school math activities that will not only revitalize the classroom but also spark a love for numbers in our young learners.

Mathematical Scavenger Hunt

Start the school year with an activity that combines exploration and math. A mathematical scavenger hunt invites children to find objects around the classroom or school that align with certain mathematical concepts.

You could instruct students to find shapes in the environment that correlate with geometry topics, or objects that add up to a particular number. This creative, active approach encourages kids to view their surroundings from a mathematical perspective and it’s a great way to get them moving after a long summer break.

Create Your Own Math Story

Encourage students to fuse their creativity with math by developing their own math stories. This activity is perfect for integrating literacy and mathematics, strengthening understanding of both domains.

Provide a math problem, such as ‘You have 10 apples, and you give 3 to your friend. How many apples do you have left?’ Ask students to convert this into a full-blown narrative with characters, a setting, and a problem to solve. This engaging task promotes a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, as students use storytelling to make sense of numbers.

Build with Base Ten Blocks

Hands-on activities are a fantastic way to engage students and foster an appreciation for math. Base Ten Blocks are a versatile tool that can be used to illustrate everything from place value to addition and subtraction, making them a perfect fit for back-to-school activities.

Have students construct numbers or solve problems using the blocks. This tactile approach offers a tangible representation of abstract concepts, which can help in establishing a strong foundation in number sense.

Classroom Shop

Bring real-world math into your classroom by setting up a classroom shop. This activity could involve students buying and selling items, using play money to understand and practice their skills in addition, subtraction, and understanding the concept of money.

The classroom shop can evolve throughout the year to include more complex mathematical concepts such as multiplication, division, fractions, and percentages.

Math and Art Collide

Combine creativity and math by incorporating art into your lessons. From symmetry art to creating 3D shapes, students can visually express mathematical concepts in a fun and engaging way.

In addition, this activity allows students to appreciate the beauty of math and understand its real-life applications, which can help to boost their interest and confidence in the subject.

Let’s make this new academic year a memorable one by filling it with engaging, hands-on, and practical math activities. By integrating these interactive math activities, we can ignite a passion for learning and instill an enduring love for math in our young learners.

Remember, every child is a math person; it just takes the right activity to reveal it. Here’s to a year of exciting mathematical discovery!

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