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About Us


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Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of professional math tutors, analysts, and online education specialists who diligently assess the top math websites. Our goal is to identify the best math resources, expose fraudulent ones, and support you in accessing high-quality educational materials to achieve your academic objectives. We believe that your learning experience should be enjoyable and fruitful. Therefore, our mission is to help you overcome math learning challenges.

What do We Offer You?

As a team of experienced math tutors, analysts, and online education specialists, we tirelessly evaluate math websites to help you find the best resources. We aim to identify the top math platforms, expose fraudulent ones, and support you in accessing high-quality educational materials to achieve your academic objectives. We believe that your learning experience should be enjoyable and fruitful, and our mission is to help you overcome math learning challenges.


Math Websites Reviews

We provide thorough math website reviews, examining extensive data about numerous math platforms. Our team consists of math tutors, analysts, online education experts, and experienced educators. Furthermore, our experts have worked with various math resources for years, gaining substantial knowledge in this field. They understand the intricacies of online math education and can deliver the most comprehensive and accurate math website reviews. They are aware of the challenges in learning math and the reasons behind the inconsistent quality and user experience on different platforms. As a result, our team utilizes a combination of statistical evaluation, analysis, research, and first-hand experience to provide meaningful in-depth math website reviews.

Advice on Selecting the Best Math Website

If you are a student, you may be unsure how these math websites operate and how to choose the best one. How can you determine if they offer original, high-quality educational materials? If you’re reading this text, you want to access the best math resources and excel academically. We are here to give you insights into how these platforms function. By understanding the inner workings of math websites, you will know which aspects to consider when selecting your ideal learning platform. With our math website reviews and advice on choosing math resources, you can make your learning experience much more comfortable, enhance your academic performance, and improve your overall GPA.


Thomas A. Shaner

Math Professor, Chief Editor

Thomas is a distinguished mathematician, a professor of Mathematics at Stanford University, and the current chief editor of MathRescue. She earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics from Stanford University in 2001.

Over the years, Thomas A. Shaner has worked as a Mathematics professor at her alma mater and as an editor for various scientific journals in the field of mathematics. At present, she serves as the chief editor of WowMath, with a mission to provide students with the most comprehensive and precise information on mathematical resources and support services.

Our Team

Meet our team of online math education experts with years of experience in the industry.


William Jaques

Online education expert, 17 years of experience


Joann Perkins

Math Tutor, 15 years of experience


Laura Deckert

Teacher, 10 years of experience


Deborah Pabon

Math Professor, 11 years of experience

How We Review

Quality Examination

Our team meticulously assesses the content and features of each math website we review. Our tutors and analysts examine various aspects, such as the accuracy, scope, and relevance of the materials, user-friendliness, interactivity, and alignment with educational standards. Therefore, we evaluate math website quality based on the same criteria employed by top colleges and universities in the US.

Reputation Evaluation

We place significant emphasis on the reputation and user feedback of math websites. Our team assesses testimonials by collecting data on both positive and negative reviews, including publication date, tone, style, consistency, and more. This information assists us in determining whether the testimonials are genuine, fake, or sponsored. Consequently, we achieve the highest level of objectivity while evaluating a particular math website’s reputation.

Website Testing

A top-notch math website features an intuitive interface, an appealing design, and seamless performance. These aspects indicate a reliable platform that prioritizes user experience. Therefore, assessing the math website’s performance is crucial for us.

You don’t want to access the website for learning materials only to encounter a “404 error.” We are here to prevent you from experiencing issues with math websites. Thus, if there are any performance problems with a math platform, we always mention them in our reviews.

Customer Support Examination

Reliable customer support indicates the math website’s ability to address issues promptly and cater to users’ needs comprehensively. As a result, we evaluate each math platform’s customer service to determine its effectiveness and dependability in practice.