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11 May, 2023

Best Math Apps For Kids

Best Math Apps For Kids #

The Top Math Apps for Your Kids

As a parent, you want your child to have the best education possible. Math is a crucial subject that we all need to learn, and studying it can build strong critical thinking and logical reasoning skills. But sometimes, kids can find math difficult to comprehend and not feel motivated to study it. Luckily, technology has made learning math easier and more entertaining than ever before, with the many math apps that are available for your little ones. Here are some of the best math apps out there, guaranteed to keep your child engaged, challenged, and motivated to learn.


SplashLearn is an innovative math app for kids designed to make learning math fun and interactive for kids in grades PreK-5. Its comprehensive math program covers all math concepts, from counting to fractions, and adapts to each child’s unique learning style and level of understanding. With its gamified approach, SplashLearn motivates children to keep learning with rewards and achievements that encourage them to complete more challenges. The app’s engaging math games and activities make concepts easy to understand and retain, helping children build confidence and proficiency.Aligned with the Common Core Standards, SplashLearn is trusted by over 40 million children worldwide. Available on iOS and Android devices, children can learn math anytime, anywhere, making it a perfect math app for kids who want to stay ahead of the curve. With its personalized approach, engaging games, and comprehensive curriculum, SplashLearn is the ideal math app for kids who want fun while learning math.


Mathland is a fun and engaging math app designed for children aged 5-10. It helps kids to learn basic arithmetic, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a fun and interactive manner. The app is gamified and uses a plot that follows a brother and sister’s journey through the fantasy world of Mathland. As children progress through different levels of the game, solving math equations, they earn points and prizes that unlock new worlds and features.

DragonBox – Best Free Math Apps For Kids

DragonBox is a popular math app that teaches algebra while playing a game. It’s designed to make math fun, letting your children encounter complex algebraic equations in a stress-free, engaging way. The app focuses on solving puzzles and challenges using algebraic expressions, and as children get more comfortable with the game, they can take on increasingly complex problems. The colorful and imaginative graphics are sure to captivate your child’s attention and make it a joy to learn algebra.

Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game is a multiplayer game designed to improve children’s math skills. The game is free and has over 50 million registered players, so your kids can compete and learn with other players around the world. The game covers everything from basic addition and subtraction to advanced concepts like geometry and algebra. As kids progress through the game, they earn points and rewards that unlock new content and features.

Quick Math Jr.

Quick Math Jr. is an app designed for preschoolers aged 3-7. It teaches basic math skills like counting, addition, subtraction, and shape recognition in a fun and engaging manner. The app uses lively graphics, animation, and sound effects to make learning math an exciting and interactive experience.

Math-Whizz – Best Math App For Kids

Math-Whizz is a subscription-based math app that’s designed to help children aged 5-13 improve their math skills. It offers exercises, games, quizzes, and assessments that help students get better at math, whether they’re struggling or need a challenge. Math-Whizz uses an algorithm that adapts to the child’s individual skill level, making learning experience personalized and customized.

There are numerous math apps available for kids to build strong math skills, but the five apps we’ve discussed have proven to be effective and enjoyable for children of all ages. Whether you’re looking for an app to help your preschooler learn math basics or an app to challenge your older child with algebra, there is an app out there for you. These apps offer fun, exciting, and interactive ways to learn math, making it a breeze for your kids to acquire new skills. As a parent, you can feel confident that your child is building strong math skills that will benefit them in the long run.

10 Best Free Math Apps That Will Help You Master the Subject – Best Free Math Apps

Math is both an important and challenging subject. It requires constant practice, and memorization of formulas can be incredibly frustrating for students of all ages. Luckily, technology has made learning math simpler and more accessible. There are now numerous free math apps available that can assist students in learning math, test-taking, and understanding complex problems. In this blog post, we will introduce you to the ten best free math apps that will help you master the subject.

1. Photomath

The first and foremost math app is Photomath. It is an excellent app that uses your phone’s camera to scan and solve math problems. You can solve any problem by just taking a picture of it, and the app will provide the answer along with a step-by-step solution on how it was solved.

2. Khan Academy – Best Math App

Second on the list of the best free math apps is Khan Academy. It is one of the most famous learning platforms and offers a vast library of topics ranging from basic math skills to advanced calculus. The app has video lectures, interactive exercises, and quizzes covering different topics allowing users to learn at their own pace.

3. Mathway

Mathway is an excellent app that can help you solve complex math problems with ease. You can solve a wide range of mathematical equations, including algebra, geometry, and calculus, by inputting the equation and getting an accurate answer along with step-by-step instructions on how to solve it.

4. MyScript Calculator

The MyScript calculator is an excellent app for solving complex equations and writing equations using your fingers or a stylus. It quickly identifies the digits and operators, giving you the right answer in a fraction of a second.

5. Desmos Graphing Calculator – Best App For Learning Maths

This app is perfect for students who need to graph functions frequently. This graphing calculator app can plot different functions and expressions by entering the equation, and it can also save your graph instantly.

6. GeoGebra

GeoGebra is another fabulous math app for geometry and algebra. It has an interactive feature where you can play with various plot points, angles, and lines, which allows you to grasp the fundamental concepts in geometry and algebra with greater ease. GeoGebra also has a 3D feature, which is rare in other apps.

7. Duolingo

Though Duolingo is more like a language-learning app and is popularly known for it, it also has a math feature that teaches you mathematical concepts. You can learn basic addition and subtraction, multiplication, and other math concepts in an interactive and engaging manner.

8. Cymath

Cymath is another math app to try out if you’re having trouble solving math problems. The app can solve algebra and calculus problems, and it calculates limits, derivatives, integrals, and more with step-by-step instructions.

9. Brainly

With Brainly, students can benefit by asking questions, solving problems, and getting explanations on a wide range of academic subjects, including math. Students can also ask other students from all over the world for solutions to various math problems.

10. Math Practice

Finally, the Math Practice is an excellent app that helps students practice different math problems, including addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. It also prepares you for timed math tests and has three modes of difficulty that can help you improve your math skills.

In conclusion, there are various free math apps available to assist you in learning math. All of the ten apps that we have listed offer a range of functions, including solving complex equations, graphing functions, and practicing math problems. With these apps downloaded on your phone, you can improve your math skills at your own pace and convenience. Try out each of these math apps and find which one works best for you in your math journey!

The Top Math Apps for Kindergarten Kids – Make Learning Fun Again!

Mathematics is a fundamental subject that every child must learn. It is one of the foundational subjects that provide the building blocks towards being successful academically. However, sometimes, math can be a challenging subject, especially for younger children. The good news is, technology has made learning math more accessible and fun for youngsters. With mobile applications or apps, learning math can be an exciting and immersive experience. In this blog post, we will be taking a look at some of the best math apps for kindergarten kids that will not only make learning math easier but also more enjoyable.

IXL Math (Paid)

IXL Math is another fantastic math app that offers learning opportunities for kindergarten to the eighth grade. It uses an adaptive learning algorithm that customizes learning to a student’s pace. The app provides numerous math exercises that cover various topics, including numbers, counting, addition, numbers word problems, subtraction, and many more.

Todo Math (Free)

This math app is perfect for kindergarten children and offers a vast array of math concepts that help kids learn at their pace. The app has several games that involve counting, addition, subtraction, and other math concepts. Todo Math creates a fun and entertaining experience for kids while helping them build a solid foundation in math.

PBS KIDS Games (Free) – Best App For Learning Maths

PBS KIDS Games is a free math app designed for kindergarten children to learn math through games. The app provides several games that are engaging and interactive. Each game offers an educational benefit and helps children learn skills like counting, addition, and subtraction, among other things. The games are easy to play and accompanied by vibrant graphics and animations that will keep kids engaged.

Montessori Math City (Paid) – Best Math Apps For Elementary Students

Montessori Math City is a paid math app aimed at teaching math concepts through real-life scenarios. The app has an extensive range of activities that will help children understand math concepts in a fun and interactive way. The app’s methods are based on real-life situations, where kids learn through play, improving their problem-solving abilities.

Math is a subject that every parent wants their child to excel in. With mobile applications and other digital learning resources, learning math has never been more accessible and fun for kindergarten children. The apps listed above are ideal for parents and teachers looking to make math learning more engaging and enjoyable. Whether you are looking for a free or paid app, you can find the perfect one for your child on this list. All in all, math doesn’t have to be a daunting subject for kids anymore, as these math apps provide the perfect solution to make learning math an enjoyable and fun experience for kids of all ages!

Top Apps Every Math Teacher Needs in Their Classroom – Best Apps For Math Teachers

Mathematics is an important subject that requires both the student and the teacher to have the right tools and resources. In the digital age, there are countless educational apps that can make math instruction more efficient and effective. In this blog post, we list the top apps that every math teacher needs in their classroom.


Desmos is a free online graphing calculator that allows students to explore complex math equations visually. It is perfect for teachers who want to introduce students to the power of graphing calculators without the cost. Additionally, Desmos offers classroom activities and exercises that make it easy for teachers to incorporate into their lesson plans.


Mathway is an app that allows students to input a math problem and receive step by step solutions. It covers a wide range of topics including algebra, geometry, calculus, and more. This app is ideal for math teachers who want to provide students with personalized learning opportunities that can be done independently or as a supplement to their instruction.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a comprehensive online learning platform that offers video lessons, practice problems, and assessments on various math topics. It is free to use and accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Khan Academy is perfect for teachers who want to support student learning outside of the classroom or for students who need additional practice and review.

4. GeoGebra – GeoGebra is a software that lets students explore and understand math concepts through interactive graphics, algebraic formulas, and geometry. It is particularly useful for teachers who want to visually illustrate complex spatial concepts and equations. With GeoGebra, teachers can create and share custom interactive math activities and worksheets.


Photomath is a math solver that uses the device camera to scan and solve math problems. This app is particularly useful for students who struggle with traditional problem-solving methods. Teachers can use Photomath to teach students how to solve problems and check their work.

Math teachers need all the help they can get to make their lessons more engaging and effective. That’s why these apps are perfect for making math instruction more accessible and fun. With Desmos, Mathway, Khan Academy, GeoGebra, and Photomath, teachers can offer students personalized instruction, interactive learning, and real-time feedback. So, which app are you going to try out in your math class today?