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18 July, 2023

Bringing Math to Life: Hands-On Lessons for Back to School


Welcome to the new academic year! It’s time to leave the summer heat behind and gear up for another year of learning. One of the subjects that we often dread, yet is incredibly vital in our everyday lives, is mathematics. But don’t worry! At Math For Children, we’ve found the secret sauce to making math engaging and enjoyable. Here’s how we plan to bring math to life with hands-on lessons for back to school.

Interactive Math Games

We believe that learning math should be as fun as playing games. That’s why we integrate interactive math games into our curriculum. Here’s an example:

  • Math Hopscotch: Get ready to jump around! In this game, a hopscotch grid becomes a dynamic math worksheet. We’ll throw a stone and solve the problem where it lands. This game not only boosts mathematical abilities but also improves physical health and coordination.

Check out our interactive games for a variety of fun math activities.

Exciting Real-Life Math Applications

At Math For Children, we connect math to real-world contexts. Our lessons are not about memorizing numbers and formulas, but about using math to solve real-life problems. A few examples include:

  • Math at the Grocery Store: We use mock grocery stores to help kids understand concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Architectural Math: Kids become architects for a day, designing their dream homes while learning about area, perimeter, and geometry.

These hands-on lessons provide children with an opportunity to see how math is used in everyday life.

Fun Math Experiments

Who said experiments were only for science class? Our math classes are full of them. Here are a couple of interesting math experiments we have planned:

  • Probability Experiments: Using coins, dice, and playing cards, children explore the concept of probability in an engaging way.
  • Fibonacci Sequence in Nature: Children find the Fibonacci sequence in pinecones, flowers, and other natural elements, learning how math is intertwined with nature.

Find out more about our fun math experiments here.

Visual Learning Through Math Art

Art isn’t only for art class, it’s an amazing tool for learning math too! We use math art to help children visualize complex math concepts. Some of the creative activities we offer are:

  • Geometric Art: Children create beautiful patterns and designs while learning about different geometric shapes and their properties.
  • Math Origami: While folding and creating different shapes, children learn about symmetry, angles, and fractions.

Take a look at our art-based math activities for more information.

Math doesn’t have to be intimidating or boring. By incorporating hands-on, interactive activities, we aim to bring math to life for children. This way, they can realize that math is more than just numbers on a page; it’s a useful tool that we interact with every day.

Get ready for a school year full of discovery, excitement, and, of course, a lot of fun math at Math For Children! Remember, the secret to mastering math is understanding it, not memorizing it. Let’s learn together and make this academic year the best one yet!