Instructor: Brad Robb

         This course (TEC-968) is for any teacher who desires a way to help, as well as communicate, with students, their parents, and other teachers after school hours. It is also very useful for those teachers who want to Flip their Classroom.  The participant will be given the guidance and opportunity to develop helpful or instructional videos that anyone can access online.  They will unveil the power that YouTube, other free video hosting sites like TeacherTube, and screen recorder programs like Jing have to offer.  Even though YouTube is blocked by most schools, be aware that it is only the means for students to access the videos outside of school.  Any video a participant finds on YouTube can be downloaded so it can then be shown in class, if so desired.

        This course is designed to fit teachers of any grade level, especially those of online courses, as well as administrators who want a useful way to communicate with staff and parents (Administrators will need to contact the instructor for different instructions to some assignments).  In order to be successful, the participant should be an intermediate level user of technology.  Be aware that the teaching style will have more of a guided inductive discovery approach to learning.  Along the way, the participant will discover legal issues that might arise, as well as develop goals for what type of videos will best fit their demographic of students.  Once the participant has completed this course, they will have created resources that their students have already been using and will hopefully continue to use.  Remember that this course is only the beginning of a journey into the powerful tool of utilizing videos to complement and expand the classroom. Come join myself and others on this journey.

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Overview of the Course Video

If you want more detailed information about the course, then please look at the course Syllabus.

Take a look at the instructor's classroom website and his YouTube Channel (Robbworld) if you want to see examples of what you might create.

Read about the Instructor's Journey of Expanding His Classroom with YouTube.

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